Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The puppet confessional

Detachment is necessary when dealing in satire. When you detach yourself from a subject or from an emotion what you are actually doing is allowing there to be room for objectivity.
A good way to detach is to add humor or fantasy to something that is real and serious in nature. The puppet confessional series attempts to do this by designating unattractive human qualities,
behaviors and emotions to puppets, or other fantastical creatures. Within this fantasy realm we explore themes like self image, romantic obsession, low self esteem, laziness, heart ache,
sexuality and desire etc.

Bedroom, Space and Time

Mini Dv


TELEKINESIS: The forest moves them, one sleepy foot after another. Then to the arms; the ears Awaken! The eyes are opened! Then comes the music.....

At first they don't know if they control the music or if the music controls them.....all they know is they are ONE.

It suddenly becomes clear to them that they are not alone, others are watching them . They hide behind their idols until they are ready to go deeper into the forest.........

Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the Shelter of your Love by Purple Rhinestone Eagle

Purple rhinestone Eagle is wonderful! They are all so talented and such a pleasure to work with...stay tuned for more collaborations with them in the future!!
This video is an homage to the scene in Rock n Roll Highschool where Riff randall lights up a righteous 'doob' and then The Ramones appear in her room to serenade her. For many girls my age, this scene was kind of a 'sexual awakening' when first viewed. David Bowie's giant package in The Labyrinth is also high on the list of 'what made me feel like a woman when I was twelve.' Someday I would like to make an homage to that.....yeah thats not happening.

The Music Videos:Vice Magazine by The Caldonias

The Caldonias was a band I was in for about six months. The song Vice Magazine is an anthem about how boring 'punk rock' can be sometimes. This video was shot by Ben Blankenship and edited and directly by yours truly.

The Music Videos: FIST FITE

This is a video we made for a Lips and Ribs remix of a song by FIST FITE
This is a tale of soured love. I think both Jonnie and myself might have been blackedout towards the end of shooting this video.


Evil twin serenades from Puppet Confessionals #1.

Baby edgar has 'body issues'
Love is a beautiful thing!

Meet Blake Cedrick!! Very few people have inspired Movieparty so much!!! Here is a still from Puppet Confessionals 2 "get out of my room dad!"

This particular MOVIEPARTY had some serious ups and downs. When I originally started to think about the idea of making fake internet romance commercials
I had a vision of silly fake talking head style confessionals, all similar in style and composure, using only my friends. Then It started to build a life of its own.
I thought it would be amazing if I could actually meet people on the internet for the puppets to make the videos with. I created an account on OK cupid, using pictures of the puppets and
very eloquently stating that I was on the website for an art project and hoping to meet people who would want to share internet love experiences in a confessional style video with a puppet
acting as there partner. I wrote to a few people as well. The girls NEVER responded, the boys did until they realized that this was an actual project and not some kinky puppet sex thing.
After the internet flop, i started taking it to the next level. I would actually go out to bars and pick up people to be in the videos, it kinda wokred a little bit. All I'd like to say is, some of those nights were not my finest moments. *

This video has been shown as one piece. It has also been shown as a one channel installation running as a loop next to a false table of 3D glasses. Here are volumes 5 and 11.

mini dv

*The concept of picking up someone in a bar to be in my videos is not such a new thing. For my final project in Mediaworks I decided to make a video response to Laura Mulvey's
"Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema"
(or as I like to call it, Taking back Freud)
Forgive me for paraphrasing, but the essay talkes about the phallocentrism of Hollywood narrative and the lack of female driven plot development, especially those females who were more sexually comodified and objectified (i.e. sex workers.) I decided to protest this theory by going out to bars to pick up drunk dudes to be in my 'mini movies'. I found one guy at the Tube in portland and got him to dress in drag and pretend to be carrie Bradshaw and Snow white.....maybe someday I'll post it but doubt it.