Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex in the City 2 (as in too long.)

It was SOOOOOO long.  Plus I really think they prematurely ejaculated by having Liza Minelli perform within the first thirty minutes. 

In other news, Its interesting to me that they decided to keep it going for another movie. I'm one of those people who watched ALL of sex in the city, MULTIPLE times; and while I secretly hated it I also secretly loved it too. I feel like Sex in the City is responsible for this certain kind of feminist exploitation that is not really addressed in the way it should be. I hate to generalize, but some women who have been introduced to modern feminist theory are more prone to label the main characters as being non-feminist. Ok. But then there is this population of women who are not influenced by a feminist community or educational background and a lot of these women see the main characters as (for lack of better word) role models. My evaluation is that the sentiment could be correct, but the actions speak otherwise.

Oh........... but Nadia what do you mean? well blog hear me out! 

There are some issues inherently and deliberately discussed within the films and the series through a "textbook" feminist lens, but presented completely wrong. For example, there's a scene later on in the film where Samantha is wearing a skimpy outfit in the middle of an open aired market in Abu Dhabi. During this time her Birkin purse is ripped open and out flies a bunch of condoms. The fundamentalist men take one look at the condoms and her skimpy outfit and become angered. As they start to swarm, she yells at them exclaiming that she has sex while making sexual  gestures with her body. This could be read as two different ways; one could read this as a radical statement about gender apartheid in Islam. Or someone who identifies as a feminist with perhaps a better understanding of islamic culture and practice, would see this display as offensive because it suggests a certain stereotype created by Islamists or Traditionalists of  western women. That profile being that western women are materialistic sex maniacs, thus perpetuating negative stereotypes of women created by men. 

My biggest problem with the series is that there's no responsibility taken for the narrative thats being created. I don't think it's bold for me to say that the obvious theme throughout the story is female relationships and coming into maturity. These are women who did not get married young, who are educated and living to their own devices. This is the premise of the show.... and also one of the very few shows on television of that nature (especially in the 90's). Women on film and TV are wives or love interests or mothers, the focus is rarely on their lives and aspirations other then men and procreation.... So where is the focus? expensive shoes? clothes? dating? It sucks. That sucks. You have this amazing circle of female friends and you spend your time bitching about men while making passive aggressive gestures that you're not really listening to each other?! IDIOCY! (I know I have no proof or examples, but I just get the feeling when I watch them converse Carrie is never listening as much as she's just waiting to talk.) This is sending out the wrong message. YES! your life is your focal point, you are not a decoration to a leading man. NO! If you are to remain single and childless all of your energy does not need to go into staying hot, buying clothes and dating. Its like the show creators had to make a compromise: We will let you make your show about independent women only if they seem to be desperately seeking sexual approval throughout. NOW THATS ENTERTAINING!

Oh boy... that being said. Its like smoking crack when you're watching it. I get so caught up in the story lines, bad puns and usually horrendous fashion,  that all of that other stuff isn't in the forefront of my brain. But I know it exists, I know its there and thats why Sex in the City will eternally be my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. 


  1. the episode that makes me blush the hardest is the one where they're talking about which presidents they'd like to fuck and Carrie refers to it as talking about politics.

  2. Have I mentioned to you that this review is ENTIRELY AMAZING????